Let's start a cargo cycle revolution!

We’re bringing free shared electric cargo cycles to the UK, starting with our hometown of Nottingham.

Cargo cycles allow people to do the kind of activities they’d normally depend on a car for on a cycle instead, reducing the need for car journeys. And they’re fun!

Cargo cycles can be used to carry children, pets, to transport large bulky items, or even to move house.

Like cars, most people don’t need a cargo cycle all of the time and they can be expensive to buy. Commons cargo cycles allow people to access cargo cycles as and when they need one for up to three days at a time at no cost (although voluntary donations are welcome).

This scheme is already up and running in Europe, let’s bring it to the UK!

How it will work

Each cycle will be hosted by a small business like a cafe, cycle shop, or community space. The first bike is being hosted by Roasting House, a small independent coffee roastery in Daybrook, Nottingham who are match-funding donations to purchase the bike. Business hosts can decide how they fund the cycle, whether that is loaning one they already have, crowd-funding, or grant funding.

People who want to use the cycle can register for free as a member. Once registered you’ll be able to request any of the available cycles for up to 3 days for no cost, although donations to help support the scheme and cover running costs and maintenance are very welcome. ID and proof of address will be required at the first booking for security and insurance purposes.

Once you have the cycle you can do whatever you like with it. Go shopping, take your family out for a picnic, pick up that beautiful cabinet you’ve had your eye on…

We’re starting this in Nottingham but the goal is to work with other businesses and community venues to become hosts across the whole of the UK, making cargo cycles available to everybody!