Raleigh mid-motor pro electric cargobike

Perfect for transporting goods, whether it’s a big shop or a house move. The large 90L box has lots of storage space while the electric assist and smooth gears make it easy to ride even on hills.


  • Large storage capacity (90L)
  • Electric assist
  • Smooth stepless gear change

As the box has a lid and no seats, it is not suitable for carrying passengers and must not be used for this purpose.

The bike is large and must be securely stored off the street and out of public view overnight. If you wish to hire this bike over multiple days, we recommend you return it to us overnight for safe storage.

To hire multiple days, please add each day individually. Up to 3 days are bookable under our free programme, or for longer term hires please contact us via nottingham@commonscargobike.co.uk


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