Tern GSD electric cargobike

Known as the SUV of bikes, the Tern GSD is great for transporting stuff while also handling like a regular bike and being relatively compact in size compared to other cargobike options.


200kg carrying capacity

Spacious panniers

Electric assist with 30 mile approx distance per charge

As a requirement of our insurance this bike must be securely stored off the street and out of public view overnight. If you wish to hire this bike over multiple days, we recommend you return it to us overnight for safe storage. To do this, book each full day seperately. You may book up to 3 days at a time this way.

If you require the bike overnight, you must first contact us with details of your storage. For overnight hires the bike must be locked to a permanent structure and stored out of public view. Email nottingham@commonscargobike.co.uk to set this up. Once you have confirmed details of your safe storage you’ll be able to book overnight hires.


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