This is a legal agreement between the person or organisation using our cycles and Nottingham Commons Cargobike CIC. Please read them carefully. You must agree to these terms if you wish to borrow our cycles.

Bike, cycle, cargobike, trike, or tricycle are used interchangeably.

  1. You must register as a member before borrowing our bikes and provide two forms of ID, including one form of photo identification such as a passport or driving licence, and one proof of address such as utility bill at the point of collecting your hire bike for each hire period.
  2. To become a member or borrow our cargobikes you must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. By hiring the bike you confirm that you are skilled and experienced in handling bikes on public roads. If you are not an experienced and confident cyclist, we recommend you seek bikeability training before hiring our bikes.
  4. You must obey all relevent traffic laws while riding the bike on public roads.
  5. You must check that the bike is safe and suitable for riding before riding the bike. Any defects must be reported to Nottingham Commons Cargobike CIC immediately. You must not ride the bike if there is any damage or you believe the bike to be unsafe.
  6. Nottingham Commons Cargobike CIC is not liable for any damage done to or by you to any person or property during the hire period and when you are in possession of the bike.
  7. You must return the bike in the same condition in which it was loaned out to you.
  8. You are liable for any damage or loss in part or total done during the hire period. You must cover the cost of any damages or loss during your hire period.
  9. When the bike is not in use, you must secure the cycle and any equipment to a permanent, immoveable structure using the locks provided.
  10. The bike and any equipment must not be stored on a street or in public view overnight.
  11. If you wish to hire the bike overnight, you must provide information about the storage location to us in advance. We reserve the right to refuse overnight rental.
  12. Only the registered member who hires the bike may use the bike. If another person wishes to use the bike, they must also register and provide proof of identification. Members found subletting the bike to non-members will have their membership terminated.
  13. You must sign a liability waiver before hiring our bikes.
  14. If you are a business user, you must provide proof of public liability insurance. This is not required for personal users using the bike for non-business or commercial reasons.
  15. Donations are at the discretion of the hirer and do not affect service. There is no discrimination on the basis of non-donation. However we reserve the right to begin charging for hiring the bikes at any point in the future.
  16. All hired bikes must be returned to the hiring location by the agreed time and date. Hires may only be extended with the permission of Nottingham Commons Cargobike CIC, and only if no other user has requested to hire the bike.
  17. Nottingham Commoms Cargobike CIC reserves the right to refuse membership or hire, or to revoke any membership or hire period at any time for any reason.